Scanning Service

Scan Unit offers a professional remote service to digitise negatives or transparencies using our brand-new Hasselblad Imacon X-5.  You put your feet up and we’ll do the work for you, simply pop your negs in the post or drop them off in person and you’ll have the scanned images delivered back safely (special delivery) through your letterbox within 5 working days or less.

The X5 has film holders to accommodate:

  • 35mm Single Frame
  • 35mm Panoramic (X-Pan)
  • 6×6
  • 6×7
  • 6×9
  • 4×5

At full resolution (16-Bit, 8000 ppi) the X5 will produce full frame, uncompressed files of over 400MB and saved at 200MB/s. Short of bespoke oil-based drum scanning, the X-5 will produce the highest quality and resolution scans available for demanding usages and exhibition prints.

The software is ready loaded with all popular film profiles to allow calibrated and controlled output to Tiff. We recommend capturing and delivering files using the Hasselblad .fff format.

Once saved, much like a digital RAW file, the .fff can be processed many times without itself being altered with variations on Tonal output, colour balance, curves and levels being modified. Scan Unit wil provide versions of the latest Flexcolor software to enable you to make you own adjustments.

We have agreement with Hasselblad to supply the latest version of their Flexcolor processing software to our customers. This allows you to process the saved .fff on your own machine on your own timescale and produce variants of colour, contrast, sharpening and dust removal without altering the “digital negative.”

Prices start £5 per FRAME at the highest quality setting for any size negative. We can offer discount for bulk orders over 50 frames.

OR you can just come in and do it yourself

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