Scanner Hire

Self-drive our brand-new Hasselblad Imacon X-5 and Mac Pro Quad Core with Eizo calibrated screen.

Competitively priced at £30 per hour or £150 per day.

‎Scanning Service

We offer a remote service to digitize your negatives or transparencies within 5 working days or less.

This service costs £5 per FRAME at the highest quality setting for any size negative. We can offer discount for bulk orders over 50 negatives.

We are confident this is the highest possible quality at an affordable price with a named operator you can trust.

Luca Sage

28th June 2011
Photographer: Luca Sage

Operator: Luca Sage

Toby Smith

13th September 2011

Photographer: Toby Smith

Operator: Tim Bowditch

Tim Bowditch

26th August 2011

Photographer: Tim Bowditch

Operator: Tim Bowditch