Scanner Hire

In addition to our remote scanning service  you can come and self-drive the  Imacon X-5 to scan your own film.  The system is fully Adobe CS5 loaded with a regularly calibrated Eizo Screen.

Self-hire service is perfect for photographers who wish to handle their own film, using the calibrated screen and like to remain in control of their entire creative process.  We provide a lightbox, cutting and dry cleaning equipment.

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The X5 has film holders to accommodate:

  • 35mm   Single Frame
  • 35mm   Strip of 6 frames
  • 6×4.5    (Hasselblad Format)
  • 6×6       (Hasselblad, Mamiya 6)
  • 6×7       (Mamiya 7, Mamiya RB/RZ)
  • 4×5        (Large Format…Yum!)

At full resolution (16-Bit, 8000 ppi) the X5 will produce full frame, uncompressed files of over 400MB and saved at 200MB/s. The scanner software is ready loaded with all popular film profiles to allow calibrated output to Tiff.  We recommend using the Hasselblad .fff format to scan with and we provide the Flexcolor software to complete your own conversions.

In plain English, this virtual drum scanner will produce the highest quality dry-scans as fast as you can prepare the next negatives. You need it, we have it..

The scanner is hired at:

£30+ VAT per hour
£150 + VAT per day (9:30 – 6pm)*

First time users are required to be inducted by a member of Scan Unit to ensure you can operate the scanner correctly to obtain the best quality output. This takes 10 minutes and is not included in your time-allocation.

An experienced user can expect to scan 18-25 frames per hour at full resolution.

*If you have urgent or out of hours requests, email us with your phone number and we will call you back.  Out of hours bookings are subject to a discretionary admin charge and dependent on our staff’s availability. Certainly worth a try for that urgent deadline?


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Please contact Toby Smith

[email protected]

+44 7967 039788 (GMT Office Hours only please)


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We recommend you bring a large USB key or portable drive to take your files home with you. Create plenty of space as each scan can be 400MB+.

To help you on your way we can provide:

Branded DVD of Work with Case (10 .fff’s per disc) – £4 per disc
Branded  Rigid Envelopes for Negatives –  £2
Negative Sleeves – 35mm and Medium Format – £0.50
FTP Delivery Option – Quicker Delivery, Multiple Delivery Clients  – £2 per file (Max – 20)

Files will be stored securely on our “time-machine”  for 14 days after your visit. If you have a data disaster we can save your bacon..

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Payment Information

Your Scanning session will need to be paid in full on the day. We accept cash, paypal and all major credit/debit cards through a 3rd party paypal online merchant.

You will be e-mailed with a VAT invoice for your records.

If you are a business registered within the EU, and can provide your tax number, UK VAT will not apply.